Continuous Training Development

WIth combined experience spanning 18 years in our team, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Making remarkable mixed drinks is our passion and, because we are committed to enhancing the vibrant cocktail scene in Glasgow, we take pride in nothing more than inspiring the next generation of talented mixologists. Having already trained over 100 bartenders throughout Glasgow, many of our pupils have gone on to become established mixologists in their own right- some even winning established cocktail competitions!

Our introductory training programme assume no prior knowledge and has been continually adapted and amended to ensure that consistency and quality are ensured. However, as well as our introductory packages we also offer training sessions solely focused on;

-Speed Training; Once we start hitting those target volumes, we move our focus towards advancing our pupils more advanced skills. At DnH we ensure all of our trained bartenders are executing all drinks in clearly defined orders and teach our bartenders valuable information on executing a slick cocktail service. These training sessions focus on valuable skills such as free pouring, building multiple drinks at once and also tips to reduce wastage.

-Creativity Sessions- The world of cocktails is growing and advancing every day with the boundaries consistently being pushed. The reason? Creativity & constant innovation; everyday the mere definition of the word ‘’cocktail’’, alone, is augmented. We have sessions to permeate your bartenders with the necessary inspiration and knowledge to put their stamp on the cocktail map. This gives you great scope for promotions as well as creating a passionate team.

-Product Knowledge- Once we’ve nailed the silent sell, we then look at developing our pupils flavor and brand knowledge. By permeating the team with our knowledge and passion, we have been able to help our clients smash upselling targets and increase the value of their wet sales.